Swapfig News: Swapfig and the GDPR.

Swapfig and the GDPR.

25 May 2018 was the big scary day when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into play. That same GDPR that had numerous companies - none of which cared about your privacy to begin with - all of a sudden claiming to care about your privacy.

It's been interesting and entertaining to see the different approaches these companies have taken. There's been the usual "we can't contact you unless you opt in" approach, while some have used trickery and special offers to have you subscribe to their newsletters. We've also seen other companies take an automatic or even *forced* opt-in approach.

**Swapfig** doesn't sell, trade or give away anybody's personal information. In fact, we've made a point of requesting *as little* information from users as possible. We don't even have a newsletter! But even we've have had to make some changes.

Some of you would have received an e-mail about those changes, but here's the TL;DR version:

  • E-mail notifications are now *opt-in*, so by default you won't receive any e-mails from **Swapfig** (apart from the most important things).
  • You can change which e-mail notifications you receive by visiting the new Privacy tab on your Edit Profile page.
  • You can also opt out *entirely* of e-mails from **Swapfig** by following the instruction in e-mails you receive from now on.

In addition we've updated our Privacy Policy, which outlines what data we use and how we use it.