Swapfig News: This is terrible...

This is terrible...

Hello folks. We're going to keep this news update as short as possible.

Along with our current day job, we've been working very hard to get **Swapfig** functioning properly since the launch of its "3.0" incarnation a few weeks ago. Sadly, it seems that things have still been going wrong at every turn, no matter how deeply we've looked.

Of all the times we've considered giving up and throwing in the towel all together, this has been the closest. There's a whole bunch of things to look at with the site, and it's far too much to take on in one go. On the flip side, the support for **Swapfig** has all but disappeared (although we don't blame people for leaving).

If **Swapfig** is going to continue at all, we're going to have to make some *big* changes. We're also going to have to spend significant time rebuilding *everything* from scratch.

The big question is: *do we keep the current site going while we do so?* And is it even worth making these changes at all?

We'd like to hear your thoughts about our situation, with the aim of reaching a decision within the next week.