Swapfig News: End Of Year Survey part 1: Which Pages Should Be Kept?

End Of Year Survey part 1: Which Pages Should Be Kept?

It's officially too late to wish people a Happy new Year, but this is our very first news post for 2019. We've been very hard at work behind the scenes, dealing with a number of issues that came our way.

Before the end of 2018, we asked **Swapfig** users to give us their thoughts in our End Of Year Survey. We had a total of 48 responses, and of course we thank everybody who responded.

The questions we asked.

We asked five questions in the End Of Year Survey, and we will be addressing them in the coming week in the order they were created.

**Which of these pages should be KEPT?**

**If Swapfig introduced a pricing model, which would you prefer?**

**Vote for your most preferred new feature for the Inventory page.**

**Nominate a day of the year that should have its own version of the Swapfig logo.**

**What is the single WORST thing about Swapfig, as it stands?**

Today, as the post title suggests, we're going to tackle the very first question.

Which of these pages should be KEPT?

In an effort to concentrate on pages that are actually serving a purpose, we asked **Swapfig** users to choose which of the following pages should be *kept* on the site. Users could select as many of these pages as they chose to.

  • [Brick Owl] Affiliates (http://swapfig.com/affiliates)
  • Bad Traders (http://swapfig.com/bad-traders)
  • Checklist (http://swapfig.com/checklist)
  • Forum (http://swapfig.com/forum)
  • Polls (http://swapfig.com/polls)
  • Site changes (http://swapfig.com/site-changes)
  • Statistics (http://swapfig.com/statistics)
  • Suggestions (http://swapfig.com/suggestions)
  • Users (http://swapfig.com/users)

Without further ado, here are the results:

Our response.

We think it goes without saying that the **Bad Traders** and **Users** pages should be kept. We also think the Bad Traders page could use a lot of improvement, and we'd be keen to hear suggestions about how we can do so.

We also think the **Checklist** page should stay, as hopefully it proves useful for users who conduct their trading/swapping offline. **Site Changes** would be useful to keep as a search-engine friendly record of changes made to the site, although we appreciate that it might not be visited that often.

As for the other pages, we're currently inclined to remove everything that has less than 30 votes. The **Affiliates**, **Polls** and **Statistics** pages would be the first to go.

However, we're undecided on the future of the **Forum** . We think having somewhere that users can converse - without having to be in a trade - would be great for the longevity of the site. The ideal situation would be to host the Forum somewhere else, so it can be accessed even if the main site goes down.