Swapfig News: End Of Year Survey part 2: If Swapfig introduced a pricing model...

End Of Year Survey part 2: If Swapfig introduced a pricing model...

Here's the second part to the results of our End Of Year Survey.

This part is dedicated to those "special" people, whether **Swapfig** users or not, who wholeheartedly believe that the site should not generate *any* revenue whatsoever. Sadly there *are* such people, though we try not to let them get us down.

If Swapfig introduced a pricing model, which would you prefer?

We would like to reiterate that **Swapfig** will continue to be free to use. We're far more concerned about our original mission - of reintroducing people to the concept of trading/swapping - than trying to get rich.

However, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Running the site has to make sense, and it also has to be worth it for the time and energy spent.

First of all, here are the options we provided for this question:

  • A small monthly subscription.
  • A small annual subscription.
  • A one-time payment for a "plus" account.
  • Paid upgrades for additional features.

Here's what the participants in our End Of Year Survey had to say:

Our response.

Our first thought was to go for the paid upgrades approach, which we thought would encourage developing new and advanced features. We already have one such feature in mind, which we're keeping under wraps for now.

However, the greater interest in "plus" style user accounts is very interesting. Should we decide to go down this route, it would be very interesting to find out what **Swapfig** users would want. What would be different for such users?

Both of these options would be far easier to manage than recurring payments, and we're greater fans of letting users decide how involved they become with the site.