Swapfig News: Series 20 Is Here! (oh yes, and we've turned seven.)

Series 20 Is Here! (oh yes, and we've turned seven.)

We're fine, thanks for asking.

I don't see Series 20 on the site

As you're very much aware, it's been an interesting few months. **Swapfig** has been one of the only web sites not to comment on the recent goings on, nor have we used any of the trendy soundbites... you know which ones.

Though we've been forced to stay at home for goodness knows how many weeks, without our usual coffee shop haunts to keep us company, we've been extremely fortunate not to have fallen ill - *until now*. We've had the odd cold and some hayfever, but right now Drew has a headache and a slight fever.

I can't find Series 20

Illnesses aside, this period has been a blessing in disguise.

Among other things, we've had time to work on **Swapfig**. Most of the work has been done behind the scenes on the server: rewriting code and making sure things work properly, in preparation for Version 4.

Because unit testing has been introduced, with the aim of catching those annoying problems that creep up, progress has been greatly slowed down. We want to get things right before making updates.

Series 20?

Adding and updating features have usually resulted in other parts of the site having to be updated as well. Particularly challenging at the moment is ensuring the front-facing side (what you're looking at now) hasn't been adversely affected by API changes.

The good news is that the actual updating process has greatly sped up, so it should now take around 10 minutes to update the site, compared to overnight. It also means we haven't had to put the site in maintenance mode.

Where's Series 20?

Although it's now **Swapfig's seventh year** up and running, somehow it didn't seem right to even mention our birthday, let alone celebrate it.

We thought it would be in very poor taste to party or have cake this year, especially considering that some of us have lost close friends, family members or other people we knew.

Instead, we put our focus into working on the site, even though (as we've stated before) it's no longer a priority. The sooner the back end is sorted out, the sooner we can focus on giving the site yet another makeover - and getting more people interested in *minifigure trading action*.

When you gonna add Series 20?

And now for the elephant in the room.

We're *extremely disappointed* in a few people who've ignored our policy on item requests - as *clearly shown* on the Contact page, as well as in the FAQs - and instead insisted on badgering us about Series 20 Collectible Minifigures.

Most disappointing of all was someone taking to r/lego on Reddit: a completely different medium, which we most likely couldn't post to or respond in anyhow.

You can find out more about our policy on refusing item requests by looking in the most logical place: our FAQs (Facts and Questions). However, you're welcome to help us out with the latest additions: just ask us about becoming a Contributor.

As for the delay in posting Series 20: there was an unexpected problem with managing items in the back end, which had to be resolved before the figures could be added. Normally we get a notification when problems occur, but for some reason we didn't find out until a few days ago.

We're not insisting on being praised at all, but you'll hopefully get that we're tired of the complaining when things go wrong, while the complainers say *absolutely nothing* if things go right.

For the rest of our users: please accept our apologies for being off the ball, and thank you once again for your patience. **You'll be pleased to know that Series 20 is finally on Swapfig.**