Swapfig News.

Taking Con-Troll, Among Other Things.

22 Dec 2016 11:09

A few **Swapfig** updates have taken place over the last couple of months, and here are some of the more significant changes. ## "Trolling". We really appreciate it when people report specific ...


The First Secret Santa Swap... and other updates.

23 Nov 2016 17:56

Hello folks.The site has been down for longer than expected recently, and for the longest period since version 1.0 was launched. However, it's not been in vain.Secret Santa Swap.Our very ...


Introducing Item Image Uploads - and other updates.

21 Oct 2016 12:42

It's been a long week at Swapfig headquarters, but I'm proud to announce the implementation of our first ever winning suggestion: item image uploads. I've also made a few other improvements ...


Inventory from the ground up.

06 Oct 2016 22:14

We've received a number of concerning reports regarding our Inventory page, where some users claimed that their updates weren't being saved - despite seeing a confirmation message.While we were never ...


Our First Winning Suggestion: uploading item images.

01 Sep 2016 21:06

We introduced our Suggestions feature back in July, which allowed users to put their money where their mouths were and submit their ideas for how to improve Swapfig. We've since ...


Working Under The Hood.

25 Aug 2016 19:59

It's been a while since our last update, and for good reason: as usual we've been very busy and occupied. Our regular day job has come back into play, so we haven't ...


Redesigning the Trade Manager.

31 Jul 2016 17:36

Hello folks...Apart from recently adding Series 16 of the Collectible Minifigures to Swapfig, you might have noticed a lack of activity on our end. Our computer's hard drive had to ...


Wanted: Your Suggestions.

01 Jul 2016 11:03

As mentioned in the last news update, we've introduced a brand new feature called the Suggestions page. We've been getting emails, comments and side-comments about things that should be added or ...


Six Options for Future Growth [Part 3].

20 Jun 2016 17:26

In the previous part, we identified six possible paths we could take concerning Swapfig's future, in light of the belief that we shouldn't make a dime. Over the last month, ...


Six Options for Future Growth [part 2].

10 Jun 2016 14:50

Part 1 of this three part post was basically a TL;DR of our current situation and the underlying emotions surrounding them. Now it's time for Part 2, where we'll go ...