Swapfig News.

Redesigning the Trade Manager.

31 Jul 2016 17:36

Hello folks...Apart from recently adding Series 16 of the Collectible Minifigures to Swapfig, you might have noticed a lack of activity on our end. Our computer's hard drive had to ...


Wanted: Your Suggestions.

01 Jul 2016 11:03

As mentioned in the last news update, we've introduced a brand new feature called the Suggestions page. We've been getting emails, comments and side-comments about things that should be added or ...


Six Options for Future Growth [Part 3].

20 Jun 2016 17:26

In the previous part, we identified six possible paths we could take concerning Swapfig's future, in light of the belief that we shouldn't make a dime. Over the last month, ...


Six Options for Future Growth [part 2].

10 Jun 2016 14:50

Part 1 of this three part post was basically a TL;DR of our current situation and the underlying emotions surrounding them. Now it's time for Part 2, where we'll go ...


Six Options for Future Growth [part 1].

05 Jun 2016 09:00

01 May 2016 marked Swapfig's third birthday, and we're wondering where the time has gone. It's a significant milestone, along with over 10,000 items traded through the site - all ...


Swapfig is THREE!

01 May 2016 11:00

Yes it's true... We've been through quite a lot over the past year or so, but we're proud to announce that Swapfig is three years old today, and still going ...


Sitewide improvements.

08 Apr 2016 19:32

Swapfig has been going into maintenance mode a little more than usual recently, and that's because we're making gradual improvements to the site.Earlier this week we corrected a few issues with ...


Dual Monstrosity: Angry Birds and Disney added to Swapfig.

04 Apr 2016 14:30

It's been a while since any items were added to Swapfig, but that hiatus has ended as of a couple of days ago: the newly released minifigures from The Angry ...


Pescatarian Trading Action.

04 Apr 2016 14:26

For those who made a conscious decision to avoid all the online practical jokes last Friday, you've missed a pivotal moment where Swapfig temporarily became Swapfish: the home of pescatarian trading action.All your ...


The Checklist Returns...

15 Feb 2016 19:27

One of the features from the old version of Swapfig that didn't make it to the relaunch was the Checklist feature, which allowed people to print checklists of minifigures and other ...