Swapfig News.

No November Roadmap

18 Nov 2015 18:43

There isn't a roadmap this month, solely because our focus is on the upcoming BRICK 2015 event at London ExCeL next month... and we're still miles behind with the preparations. ...


What Has Changed?

07 Nov 2015 13:52

Ever since the "success" of Swapfig's second (and last!) crowdfunding campaign, we've been working on improving "minifigure trading action" by rebuilding the site from the ground up.If you've been here ...


Secret Santa Swap 2015

03 Nov 2015 14:44

Swapfig is proud to announce a Secret Santa Swap: a proposed activity for this Christmas.The idea behind our Secret Santa Swap is for Swapfig users to send each other gifts through the ...


Roadmap for October 2015

01 Oct 2015 11:45

So how did we do with the roadmap we outlined last month?What we've doneAdd no more than two new themes to the site.We added minifigures from the Scooby-Doo theme, as ...


Roadmap for September 2015

25 Aug 2015 13:47

Although we've relaunched the site and have addressed the most crucial of problems, there's still a lot more work to do before we at Swapfig can even think of taking time off.To ...


Brick Owl Affiliation!

10 Aug 2015 00:47

We've thought about both our newer and more experienced users, who might not be able to find a particular item available to trade for on Swapfig - or anyone who'll trade ...


August on Swapfig.

07 Aug 2015 10:38

As you can now see, Swapfig has been relaunched with a completely new back end and front end, as well as a few new features we wanted to introduce.July has been ...


Users' Choice 2015

19 Jul 2015 03:45

We made an announcement yesterday in our Facebook group, that we are having the first, only and final Users' Choice for August - to make up for the numerous problems ...


Swapfig 1.0 is here...

14 Jul 2015 01:15

After just over a year of rebuilding the site from scratch, we're proud to announce the arrival of Swapfig 1.0: the "next level" of minifgure tr...Unfortunately, as many people have ...


Join Us for our Live Relaunch.

28 Jun 2015 12:21

It's all happening at Wednesday 1st July: the site as you're currently witnessing it will be no more, and in its place will be Swapfig 1.0 - the next level.We're going ...