Swapfig News.

Survey on Dealing with Bad Traders

29 Oct 2014 08:36

One thing we wanted to do from the very beginning was prevent people who would intentionally defraud others from using Project Swapfig. Unfortunately, no matter how much time we spend ...



17 Aug 2014 05:38

We thought about it, then realised it made a lot of sense - so for August we've decided to introduce a new item type to Project Swapfig: keychains. (Or \"key chains\" if ...


Trading limits in effect.

16 Jul 2014 12:58

An important part of Project Swapfig is trading levels. We haven't taken the proper time to introduce this feature and explain how it works, which is completely on us, so we're ...


A Month of Space minifigures.

09 Jul 2014 12:44

August sees the official launch of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit, which is the first ever non-IP LEGO Ideas/CUUSOO set. Brickset has a review of the set live if you're ...


Happy Belated Birthday Swapfig!

13 May 2014 11:21

It's officially 12 days past due, which shows you how occupied we've been behind the scenes... but we've been incredibly proud and excited to have celebrated Project Swapfig's first birthday on May ...


More polybags and other things added.

12 Apr 2014 05:41

For fans of polybag collecting: the latest update to the site (as of this morning) introduces several more polybags, including a mixture of new, old and discontinued sets.This was made possible ...


Why we're not taking requests/suggestions for themes.

20 Feb 2014 09:19

One of the most common things we've been asked since Project Swapfig's conception is whether minifigures from themes other than the Collectible Minifigures would be added to the site. Up ...


No Limit February - and more themes added.

02 Feb 2014 14:46

This weekend marked the very first No Limit February promotion on Project Swapfig. No Limit February is where we remove all trading limits throughout the whole of February, enabling everybody to ...


Admin's Choice: LEGO Friends minidolls added!

20 Jan 2014 07:31

Yes indeed. Things have been quiet on my end, as I've been trying to balance a number of things, but I'm ready to make another news post.Freshly added to Project ...


Version 0.4.2 + The LEGO Movie minifigures!

31 Dec 2013 10:29

What you should be looking at right now is version 0.4.2 of Project Swapfig, which will probably be the last minor update before work begins on the redesign. Everything looks like ...