Swapfig News.

Remaining Star Wars figures added.

15 Dec 2013 17:38

It's been an incredibly long process, but the remaining Star Wars minifigures (from the Clone Wars series and others) have been added to Project Swapfig, with a massive thanks to Brick Owl ...


Star Wars Episode 1-3 minifigures added.

11 Dec 2013 05:23

Highly motivated by having watched all the Star Wars movies back to back (and The Empire Strikes Back is by far the best of them), you can now trade most of the ...


Version 0.4.1

07 Dec 2013 10:05

You're now witnessing version 0.4.1 of Project Swapfig, of which the update took place over the last couple of days.As many of us know, the last update brought with it ...


Version 0.3.6

11 Oct 2013 18:46

Yet another update this week! Project Swapfig is updated to version 0.3.6, in a process that took far longer than I'd like.The main reason for stepping up a version so soon is ...


Version 0.3.5 + crowdfunding update

09 Oct 2013 14:11

Project Swapfig has been updated to version 0.3.5 as of yesterday.Probably the most significant update to the site is the behaviour of the Who Has? page, which - unbeknownst to ...


Our Second Crowdfunding Attempt

03 Oct 2013 07:04

Our second official crowdfunding campaign was officially launched on Tuesday, and this time is being hosted on Zequs (formerly PleaseFund.us). You can find the campaign at the following page:http://www.zequs.com/campaign/project-swapfig-minifigure-trading-actionThere's plenty ...


Version 0.3.4 + crowdfunding begins tomorrow!

30 Sep 2013 04:41

I promised a site update over the weekend, and yesterday I delivered. Project Swapfig is now at version 0.3.4, as we make more preparations for supporting minifigures, polybag sets and parts. ...


Crowdfunding print reward: vote for your favourite pictures!

20 Sep 2013 04:47

Project Swapfig will be making a second attempt at crowdfunding, beginning on October 1st 2013.I'm looking to offer 6x4\" prints of some artwork to many of the project's backers - but ...


Version 0.3.2

18 Aug 2013 16:47

One messy site update later, and we're at version 0.3.2 of Project Swapfig. This is mostly a minor update, preparing the site for the introduction of polybag sets and non-CMF minifigures to ...


Version 0.3.1, and Series 11

15 Aug 2013 17:48

In what's been the least painful update to date, Project Swapfig has been updated to version 0.3.1 as of right now. This version introduces a number of fixes to existing features, ...