Swapfig's Privacy Policy.

This is the Privacy Policy for Swapfig: the home of minifgure trading action. Swapfig allows you to trade LEGO® minifigures, polybags, keychains and more with others anywhere in the world.

Swapfig has always taken our users' privacy seriously – not just when it became trendy! – ever since we launched with our world famous minimal registration form. We don't engage in the sale, exchange or disclosure or information about our users to anyone else, nor have we ever.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our updated Privacy Policy outlines Swapfig's use of personal data.

What personal data we collect.

Swapfig's policy has always been to require the minimal amount of information from its users and visitors.

Your username.

Swapfig users are identified by their unique username, which they choose when first registering. We will never ask for your first or last name with regard to membership.

Your e-mail address.

Swapfig users are required to have a valid e-mail address, to receive account notifications (e.g. to reset your password), as well as optional notifications about new messages, offers, trade updates and other information.

Your country of residence.

Swapfig requires users to disclose their country of residence, for determining whether trades with other users are/will be classed as "domestic" (same country) or not.

Your mailing address.

Swapfig users can optionally save their mailing address to their profile, which is only ever used to generate a printable address label when trading with other users.

Your IP address.

Visitors' IP addresses are only recorded in the following instances:

  • When sending Swapfig a message through our Contact page;
  • When opting out of all e-mail notifications through an e-mail sent by Swapfig;
  • When performing activities via Swapfig's back office.

User comments.

Swapfig users can optionally leave comments in various parts of the site, including in response to news posts. These comments are directly handled and stored by Swapfig. Users are responsible for the content of comments they choose to post.


Messages can be exchanged between Swapfig users through the Messages section of the site, which are directly handled by Swapfig. Users are responsible for the content of the messages they choose to send.


Swapfig users can optionally upload image data. We advise users to ensure that any images they choose to upload do not contain EXIF data, which could potentially include personal information such as their location.

Who we share your data with.

As a rule, Swapfig doesn't share data with anyone else.

Sending e-mails.

We use Mailgun to deliver e-mails sent by Swapfig. View Mailgun's Privacy Policy

In compliance with GDPR, Swapfig users must manually opt-in to receiving e-mail notifications from Swapfig. Users can change their settings at any time through the Privacy tab of the Edit Profile page. Only the most important notifications – such as for resetting a password and initially receiving account information – will be automatically sent by Swapfig.

If you've received an e-mail from Swapfig in error, or want to opt out of all e-mail notifications, there is a link at the bottom of e-mails sent by Swapfig you can visit to prevent e-mails being sent in the future.

Google Analytics.

We use Google Analytics to collect information about visitor and user behaviour patterns, with the aim of improving the Swapfig's usability. View Google Analytics' Privacy Policy

No information is provided to Google Analytics that can be used to specifically identify a user or visitor.

If you wish, you can opt out of Google Analytics tracking.

Data received from third parties.

Donations made to Swapfig.

Should a user or visitor make a donation to Swapfig through the Donate page, they will be temporarily redirected to PayPal, who handles the transaction. Information about donations, which include the transaction ID and e-mail address used to make the donation, is received and recorded by Swapfig.

View PayPal's Privacy Policy

No information is shared by Swapfig with PayPal, or any of the other donation solutions (Amazon, Buy Me a Coffee or Ko-fi).

Swapfig's use of cookies.

As with most other websites, Swapfig makes use of "cookies". You can find out more about cookies by visiting the All About Cookies website.

Types of cookies in use.

  • Session cookies are created when you start a browser session, and deleted when you end it.
  • Persistent cookies are created for analytical purposes, or in response to actions or choices you take on Swapfig, and are saved so that, for example, your preferences are set the next time you visit the site.

The cookies created through visiting Swapfig fall into four categories:

  • Essential/'strictly necessary' cookies, needed for the site to function.
  • Functional cookies, used to support site features (such as your viewing preferences). Theese tend to be persistent so that, for your convenience, your choices are remembered next time you visit the site.
  • Analytical cookies, used to collect information about how visitors use the site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.
  • Third party cookies, created by sites other than Swapfig, which are used to support features such as advertising, affiliate marketing and social bookmarking.

If you don't want to receive these cookies when using Swapfig, you can visit All About Cookies to find out how to prevent your browser from accepting cookies. Alternatively you can choose not to use Swapfig.

What rights you have over your data.

Swapfig users can view and update their information at any time, by visiting their Edit Profile page.

Users can also remove their account, provided they are not currently trading with other users, via the Remove tab on the Edit Profile page.

Opting out of e-mails from Swapfig.

With the exception of important account information (e.g. resetting your password), users will not (and should not) receive e-mails from Swapfig unless they have manually opted to receive notifications. E-mail settings can be changed at any time under the Privacy tab on the Edit Profile page.

If you receive an e-mail from Swapfig in error, or you wish to opt out of all e-mail notifications from Swapfig, there is a link at the bottom of each e-mail sent by Swapfig to opt out of all e-mail notifications.

How long we retain your data.

In the interests of user safety, we retain the following user information:

  • Their username. This is to actively prevent the reuse of old usernames, or the impersonation of past users.
  • Their e-mail address. This is for determining the presence of duplicate user accounts, or whether a previous user has rejoined Swapfig. You should not receive any further e-mails from Swapfig once your account has been removed.
  • Their country of residence. This is for the ability to display country information (the name and/or flag) with regard to a previous user.
  • Comments or messages posted by the user.
  • Media uploaded by the user, which includes item images and proof of postage for trades.

All other information, including the user's mailing address, is removed from Swapfig after the respective account is removed.

Information Swapfig has about you.

You can request a copy of information Swapfig has about you, by sending us a message through our Contact page.