Secret Santa Swap 2017 – on Swapfig.

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The deadline for registering is 26 Nov 2017 00:00.
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Please note: We would like all participants to exchange gifts worth at least GBP 6, in new to very good condition.
The following questions are for your preferences, and specific requirements might not be met.

By registering for the Secret Santa Swap, you're committing to sending a gift to a user selected at random. Users found to have abused the Secret Santa Swap, either by not sending a gift or by sending an unsatisfactory gift, will be immediately banned.
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The Secret Santa Swap is back!

Swapfig ran the world's first Secret Santa Swap in 2016. We've taken the outcome on board and made some revisions, and now we're bringing it back for 2017.

What's a Secret Santa Swap?

"Secret Santa" is a workplace tradition where people "anonymously" exchange gifts for Christmas. The general idea is that everybody receives something, although they'll have no idea who gave them their gift.

We combined Swapfig's minifigure trading with the Secret Santa tradition, to introduce the Secret Santa Swap. While you're not limited to items listed on Swapfig, we'd like people who take part to give gifts related to minifigure trading.

Want to take part?

The Secret Santa Swap is open to everyone in good standing on Swapfig, and we definitely want as many people involved as possible...


The Secret Santa Swap will only go ahead if enough users sign up. We're looking for at least 20 users to take part.