Swapfig's trading levels.

Each user on Swapfig has a trading level, which determines how much they are able to trade with other users at once. This is based on the idea that the more trustworthy and credible someone is, the more they can be trusted with.
All new users start at Level 1*, and as they complete trades with others through Swapfig, their trading level will progressively increase.

Once a user reaches the last level, they've reached the pinnacle of "minifigure trading action": there are no more restrictions on how much they can trade at once.

Trading level item limit to next nevel
items users
Level 0 1 1 1
Level 1 4 4 1
Level 2 6 16 3
Level 3 8 32 6
Level 4 10 50 10
Level 5 no limit! -- --
Please note that polybag and Grand Opening sets count as two items. Minifigures and keychains count as one item.

To keep "minifigure trading action" safe, moderators may decide to demote a user if they have caused a problem with a trade. Demotion will result in a user restarting from Level 0.

One final note: during our annual No Limit February event, all users on Swapfig can trade as much as they want - with no trading limits - for the entire month. This is a great way of quickly building your trading level and trust from other users.

* Users who joined Swapfig before 01 Jul 2015 would have started at Level 1.